A total of 12 lectures will cover the basic issues of climate change and its consequences unfolding in front of our eyes. How to generate energy? How to heal each other? How to produce food, objects, and other proposed ideas?

Brain Trust lectures will cover topics including 3D printing, security and food supply – thus covering the plethora of different approaches towards solving our contemporary civilizational crisis. A key objective of our lectures is that they are not directed to the government or to another group of experts, but rather, these lectures are addressed to the urban poor, the ordinary people who need knowledge for how to survive the coming changes to their everyday life caused by climate change. It all comes back to fostering direct action and not just relying on our government to create solutions.


1. Making things (3D printer)

2. Alternative Energy

3. Communication (DIY Internet)

4. What are we going to eat?

5. Security (overview of possible problems and solutions)

6. Education

7. Water

8. DIY Medicine and Drug manufacturing (3D printer, foraging)

9. Building Insulation

10. Animals: domestic and wild

11. Public Art: Carnivals and more

12. Storytelling, Dialogue, and how, actually, should we live together?

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