The second part of the “Why Do We Play?” Reading Group with Dr Khalil “Avi” Betz-Heinemann

Published on: December 16 / 2023

 Dr Khalil “Avi” Betz-Heinemann will lead the second part of the discussion group on David Graeber’s essay “What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?

On December 28 at 20:00 (London time), The David Graeber Institute will be presenting the follow-up discussion to “Why Do We Play? The Origins of Self-Consciousness, Freedom, and Morality” led by anthropologist Dr Khalil “Avi” Betz-Heinemann. This time we will be continuing with Graeber’s essay but will provide time to delve deeper into the various topics covered in the first part, specifically how centering play might reconfigure our relationships with other animals, bugs, plants, microbes, mountains etc. 

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