Since the celebration of the Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graeber in October 2020, initiated by Nika Dubrovsky and her friends and made possible by the technical means of Steirischer Herbst, the activities of the Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute (DGI), and the number of participants in its meetings and events, have multiplied. The activities of the Museum of Care include the organisation of meetings, reading groups of all kinds, artistic and technological talks, and visual assemblies, which have brought together participants from all over the world. It is therefore timely and necessary to report on the projects proposed during these two years of intense collaboration, and on the current projects and news from the Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute, which is scheduled to be unofficially launched in October 2022, and officially launched January 2023. The creation of a magazine, first online and then in print, will consolidate the different mediums used for artistic, intellectual, or activist projects, and highlight and promote the activities of the David Graeber Institute and other organisations that feature among our friends/collaborators.


1. Global Concept

The magazine is primarily intended to provide a reflection on the news and events on the work of David Graeber and to serve as a means of promoting the activities of the David Graeber Institute. Initially, it will be published as a single online document, downloadable from the Institute’s website. It will then be printed and distributed by a publishing house. An editorial committee composed and led by a guest editor will decide on the technical and artistic orientation and articles of each issue.

2. Objectives

a. To report and provide updated information on the activities of the DGI;

b. To provide a forum for academic and political debate on the work and legacy of David Graeber;

c. To promote a cooperative publishing system that highlights the work of related individuals and organizations;

d. To create virtual and material support that makes the Institute’s actions concrete and understandable to the broader public.

3. Editorial Line

Following David Graeber’s exhortation, the magazine endeavours to do things differently, when possible. It is artistic and political in nature. It will maintain an ideological plurality and will cover a wide range of topics related to David Graeber’s work, legacy and the activities of the DGI. The magazine is intended to be a print publication, but can take other forms, including videos, audio recordings and other interactive contents – this is the beauty of creative collaboration through curation. It is aimed at a diverse audience, ranging from general readers interested in the theses and issues developed by David Graeber, to researchers in social theory and beyond into everyday culture through promotion and social media.

4. Physical Characteristics of the Magazine

a. Format. The physical characteristics of the journal is defined by the guest editor in coordination with the publishing house. The journal is published online and in paper format.

b. Print Run and Distribution. The print run and distribution will be determined by the publishing house.

5. Organisational Structure

The organisational structure comprises an Editorial Board, formed and led for each issue by a guest editor, the DGI administrator, and a publishing house.

6. Duration and Rhythm of the Project

The DGI magazine is an open-ended publication series, which is issued at regular intervals over time (around three issues per year) from the official launch of the DGI.