We are planning a series of David Graeber Institute Journals. For the opening of the David Graeber Institute we have produced the first version: DIY or Samizdat Journal.

One of the Institute’s future projects is the David Graeber Institute Journal, which we plan to publish three times a year. Take a look at our plan.

In the meantime, we have produced the first issue of the Journal to coincide with the opening of the APT / ART exhibition at the opening of the David Graeber Institute at Rowley Way. The editors of the first issue, a Samizdat Magazine, are Nika Dubrovsky, Vassily Pigounides, Clive Russell, Roc Sandford, amongst others. 

Each issue is unique and different. The first issue has photos, texts by David and about David, drawings, and even artistic money. We created a total of 30 handmade copies. We gave away some copies to participants and have kept some for the  DGI collection. 

If you want your own issue, you can collect it by downloading materials from here and arranging it yourself.