The DGI has a residency in Margate which is open to researchers and artists seeking to work on our two key projects, the Brain Trust and the David Graeber Archive.

“Immediately after David’s death, I received many offers from all over the world, with offers from various people willing to host friends of David and those who would research his texts and continue his work. It was infinitely beautiful: a gesture of international solidarity. 

I also prepared, on my part, a residence for researchers into David’s works and his friends. It currently exists in Margate, the UK.” Nika Dubrovsky.

The concept of a single residency, a place to get to by removing oneself from your existing community during the Climate Crisis, is, of course, very problematic. We are looking at making the residency a place for research in the near future – once we have solved safeguarding and migration issues.

The David Graeber Institute is working on a digital version of David’s notebook archive. We are currently in talks about creating distributed residencies where people can work without leaving their place of residence. 

Check this page, and we’ll let you know as the project develops. 

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