There Never Was a West / Marcus Rediker

Event date: November 7 / 2024

The second discussion of David Graeber’s essay “There Never Was a West”, led and moderated by Marcus Rediker, in the frame of “The Ultimate Hidden Truth of the World…” reading group.

In this session, we will be joined by Marcus Rediker, a historian, writer, teacher, and activist.

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Marcus Rediker is a distinguished professor of Atlantic history at the University of Pittsburgh. His “histories from below” have won numerous awards and been translated into nineteen languages worldwide. He is the author of a dozen books, including The Many-Headed Hydra (with Peter Linebaugh) and The Slave Ship: A Human History (2007), which won the George Washington Book Prize. He produced a prize-winning documentary film, Ghosts of Amistad (2014), directed by Tony Buba, and a prize-winning play, The Return of Benjamin Lay, co-written with Naomi Wallace. He recently completed a book about escaping slavery by sea in antebellum America, which will be published by Viking Penguin in the spring of 2025.