Steve Keen to give lecture on climate change

Published on: December 8 / 2023

Before he died, David Graeber convened a small group of visionaries to see things as they are and map a way through the morass. Brain Trust, a David Graeber Institute project, continues David’s optimistic response to the gloomy realization that we are already living within the Collapse. 

Starting the lecture series, Prof. Adrian Bowyer, creator of most global 3D printers, showcased an engineering solution that could break us free from the collapsing central system.

Preparing for our optimistic lectures and workshops next year, we are holding a crucial conversation about collapse itself. 

We are asking: 

– Why do we believe that collapse is not only unavoidable but that we are already living inside a collapsing system? 

– What might this look like for our part of the world and for other nations? 

– What can we do to soften the most destructive consequences of the collapse of the economic and social system, the breakdown of the chains of production and technological links on which our society is built? 

– What can we learn from those who have already gone through this?

On December 16 at 18:00, renowned economist Professor Steve Keen will give a lecture about how we can use economics to get citizens, business and government to pull in the same direction in the fight against climate change.

To take part in the event online, register here.