Second Mastodon Assembly

Published on: May 31 / 2023

31 May, 18:30

We are slowly adapting to the federation space, but for us, this is the most important project, which corresponds to our beliefs and passions: direct action, learning by doing, and the creation of social space that cannot be delegated or alienated by private institutions. We need to build our social spaces by ourselves. 

The summary of First Mastodon Assembly that took place on 4 May.


  • How do we implement last Assembly’s ideas: news aggregation — essentially creating a news agency based on member recommendations, account content migration (one of the freedoms — it’s the freedom to leave and to be accepted in a new community), rules and moderation – is there any fair way to for implement censorship?
  • Offering our ideas at specialized conferences and hackathons
  • Integrating the Museum of Care and Mastodont. How can the idea of a static website and a dynamic social space exist to help each other?