Nika Dubrovsky to give lecture at the Staedelschule on November 28

Published on: November 22 / 2023

Nika Dubrovsky will give a lecture called ‘Another art world: Art Communism and Artificial Scarcity.’

The lecture is based on a text that Nika Dubrovsky wrote with her late husband, David Graeber. This text analyzed the current state of the Art World with its promise of liberation, which is immediately replaced by a structure of exclusion. But much more importantly, this text analyzed alternative possibilities for the existence of art that we could build together and that already exist. Starting with the ambiguous legacy of Romanticism, Graeber and Dubrovsky explore the notion of everyday communism and the possibility of a world in which everyone is an artist.

The lecture will be at 19:00 on November 28.

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