Michael Hudson at the Museum of Care in January

Event date: January 25 / 2024

The final session of “The Origins of Modern Debt Politics in Greece & Rome – Reading Michael Hudson’s ‘The Collapse of Antiquity” with Michael Hudson.

Christian Walter’s reading group on Michael Hudson’s ‘The Collapse of Antiquity’ at the Museum of Care will conclude on January 25 at 20:00 (London time) with a special event featuring economist and author Michael Hudson.

Join us for this final session as Hudson delves into his groundbreaking work, challenging conventional teachings about Athens, Sparta, Greece, Rome, as well as kings and republics, and “exposing the roots of modern debt peonage and crises in the greed and violence of antiquity’s oligarch-creditors, embedded in their laws, which in the end destroyed the civilizations of classical antiquity.”

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