Learning from David Graeber

Published on: June 10 / 2023

Article by Red Pepper magazine

Red Pepper, a quarterly magazine and website of left politics and culture, recently published its 240th issue titled ‘Debt’. One of the articles in the issue, titled ‘Learning from David Graeber,’ includes entries from David Charles, Christopher J. Lee, Steven Bachelor, and Nika Dubrovsky. They reflect on the relevance of thinking about debt, as presented in the 2011 book Debt: the First 5,000 Years.

Read the preface below:

Today many countries, including those formerly colonised by European powers, are trapped in global debt. Decolonisation remains impossible while debt stifles the possibility of genuine emancipation and sovereignty. Meanwhile, for individuals and households across the globe, stagnant incomes force people to turn to cheap credit while elites continue to accrue unprecedented levels of wealth. First published in 2011, the late David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years was transformative in understanding what debt is and why we should push for debt cancellation. A number of people close to David told Red Pepper what his work meant to them…

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One of the entries submitted for the issue by the Museum of Care didn’t get published in the final version. However, Red Pepper magazine designed it as a poster and shared it with us.