Fetish and Value

Event date: May 2 / 2024

Fetish and Value group, curated by Stas Kraev, meets again on May 2nd.

In the previous sessions we have covered the different aspects of David Graeber’s essay Fetishism and Social Creativity. This time we will follow David Graeber into his inquiry into The Very Idea of Consumption. We will ask – how did this happen that the word used to describe the deadly disease came to be used as a shorthand for human purpose in life? What role does the idea of production play in this transformation and how to apply the master/slave dialectics to the relationships between people and things.

You can watch the recordings of the previous sessions on Museum of Care’s youtube-channel: part 1 and part 2 (part 3 to be published soon).

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Cover illustration by: Erhan Yalvaç

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