Discussion Circle/Workshop: Playground as an Everyday Carnival

Event date: June 22 / 2024

On June 22nd the David Graeber Institute will facilitate a Discussion Circle and workshop on playgrounds as public art project. 

This event emerges at the crossroads of several projects by the DGI and partnering/sister projects. It will be the first offline meeting related to the Playgrounds room of the Museum of Care. It all started as the meeting with Grupo Contrafilé artistic collective invited by the Pedagogies of Care series, hosted and facilitated by Andris Brinkmanis. On June 22nd we will joined by Joanna Warsza, independent curator, who will livestream the guided tour of the exhibition Radical Playgrounds.

Our workshop also related to the Visual Assembly, that was hosted by David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky in Portabello Road, London in 2019. It was imaging City of Care, one of the themes in the series of books titled Anthropology for Kids. Workshops hosted as part of the publishing program is a way to collectively re-imagine social structures, such as nation, city, school or playground. The facilitator is never a teacher, participants are never students; the result is not predetermined and the real value lies in the creative process. That is what we want to achieve with the Discussion Circle on June 22nd, when the DGI participants will be joined by both invited experts and the local art students. 

We are going to brainstorm about playgrounds as a place where utopia (play) and dystopia (game) are realized, as a microcosm of our desires and fears with a group of children from Saint Vincent and the members of the Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute. 

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