David Graeber Pirate Enlightenment Presentations

Published on: January 23 / 2023

The David Graeber Institute will begin a series of meetings dedicated to David Graeber’s latest book, Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia. This book completes the trilogy he began in the essay There Never Was a West and continued with his collaborative book with the archaeologist David Wengrow, The Dawn of Everything

We will begin this presentation on January 24 at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York City. Register here.

It will be followed by a panel discussion at the LRB bookshop on 14 February.

On March 18, we will have a panel discussion in the British Library. 

In April 2023, we will start a series of discussions and roundtables online and offline, and we hope to continue them throughout the year. Nika invited friends of David, historians, anthropologists, artists, and activists to hold online meetings to talk about topics covered in the book. Sometimes we will have discussions, sometimes lectures, and other times art workshops or assemblies. 

Everyone is welcome to join us: bookstores, art and community centres, galleries, schools, or your private apartment where you can gather friends. 

Register for the first meeting here.