Bullshit Jobs Reading Group, Part 2

Event date: December 21 / 2023

Steven Bachelor will lead the Bullshit Jobs reading group, which will discuss David Graeber’s popular book over four sessions.

On December 21 at 20:00 (London Time), Steven Bachelor will lead the second part of the Bullshit Jobs reading group. This time, the discussion will focus on the question “How, in the Soviet Union, did bullshit jobs offer a kind of universal basic income?” Sociologist Elena Gapova and anthropologist Zinaida Vasilyeva will be joining the session.  

Zinaida Vasilyeva is a researcher at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Neuchâtel, where she wrote her dissertation on DIY culture and popular technical knowledge in the late Soviet Union and their role in the production of the self. Her main research focus was on the transformation of values in the post-Soviet context and the relationships between everyday material culture, the state and the self.

Elena Gapova is Professor of Sociology at Western Michigan University.  She is originally from Belarus, where she was the founding Director of the Centre for Gender Studies, European Humanities University. She writes extensively on class, nation, gender and intellectuals in the post-Soviet region.

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