Adrian Bowyer’s Lecture

Published on: June 26 / 2023

The first event in the Brain Trust Lectures series

On 28 Sep 2023, Brian Trust is hosting a lecture by the engineer and mathematician, inventor of the open source 3D printer that became the basis for most of the 3D printers in the world today – Adrian Bowyer.
“We will not take the means of production away
from the bourgeoisie to give them to the proletariat, but we will create means of production accessible to anyone.
Bowyer successfully created a working tool for the existence of “everyday communism” – the concept developed by David Graeber.

Read the 2011 interview with Adrian Bowyer by Nika Dubrovsky.

The event will take place in Alexandra & Ainsworth TRA Hall, 52 Boundary Rd, London NW8 0HJ

Thursday 28th of September 19-00

Please register to attend it on line.